The Johnny Hatch Art Project Is an educational component coinciding with The Johnny Hatch Documentary.  WE use ART to create CHANGE.

We believe that viewing a film about a social cause may create awareness but to increase the chance of creating lasting change, we need to have a platform where the mission of our films can be explored by our audiences. 

The Johnny Hatch Art Project seeks to help each of us discover what our special gifts are but then, help us feel confident to share our gifts with others.  

Our goal is to create an artistic opportunity for each person to look within and figure out what their POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES are.  Too often, we focus on our negative qualities and not what gifts we possess.  

Each person gets an unsharpened pencil, a sharpner and a piece of paper.  On one side of the paper, they draw themselves or use a template we've designed.   Then each person recycle's the pencil sharpenings to create their own unique personal wardrobe. On the other side of the paper, they write what they feel their gifts are at home, at school and at work (if applicable). **see examples below**

Then each person shares their work of art and their gifts with others in their classroom, work place, etc.  Creating an environment for each person to begin to feel comfortable discussing their strenghts. 

We ALL have something to offer, regardless of our challenges or level of support some may need.   The Johnny Hatch Art Project is a unique, simple but creative way of recognizing that in ourselves and in others.  This is an important step in breaking down barriers and unconscious bias toward people who are "different" than us.