Pioneers of Inclusion


Pioneers of Inclusion is an upcoming docu-series showcasing people and places who have made a significant impact on creating more inclusive opportunities in their communities.  

It is not just highlighting famous celebrities or well-known faces, but especially those who may be unknown to most, but have made a lasting impact in the lives they’ve intersected with.   Whether it is through art, education, entertainment, employment, music or other means, recognizing those who have overcome adversity and challenges, who have changed perceptions, paving the way for diverse and underrepresented communities to be included more in our society.  Those that possess unending persistence and dedication, who truly make this world a more accepting place.

True Pioneers who have learned to live their legacy and inspire us to live ours. 

L'Atelier L.A.


A docu-series about an unique all-inclusive fashion program in the Los Angeles area where young adults from ALL walks of life, must learn to work together to create a high-end, professional fashion show.  

Here is a glimpse into this series…

THE JOHNNY HATCH PROJECT teaser below will be included in our feature-length documentary.

This was originally screened at the United Nations in New York City to a global audience as part of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

"Change is the end result of all true learning." - Leo Buscaglia

"Change is the end result of all true learning." - Leo Buscaglia


The Johnny Hatch Project

(post-production -coming late 2019 )

The Johnny Hatch Project explores how a mother tries to navigate a system that is so focused on all that is wrong with her “developmentally-disabled” son while at the same time, she is discovering all that is right with Him. It gives us an up close and personal look into their journey of inclusion, in a world where seclusion and segregation is still the “norm” for this community.

It explores the challenges and benefits when students with “disabilities” are included with “gen ed” students, what it takes to create meaningful inclusion, and the profound impact it can have when done correctly, not just for the disabled student, but for all those around him or her.

It shows the daily challenges people with disabilities and their families face in our society but also provides hope and encouragement.

We often fear what we don't know but when we learn to overcome that fear and open ourselves up to trying something new or different, the results can be completely unexpected. The ripple effect of changing our perceptions is truly life-changing.

The Johnny Hatch Project documentary turns disability into art, empowerment and creativity through cinematic storytelling.


Stop. Look. Listen.

So often, we think we know what people want and need. Especially those closest to us. We don’t take the time to STOP and breathe in order to LOOK and observe at what someone might be attempting to tell us. We let our frustrations and stress block our ability to effectively LISTEN to another person. Whether they are capable of speaking with words or not, it does not matter.

Our award-winning short film, Stop. Look. Listen. has been shown at numerous college campuses and organizations, across the United States as a tool to educate the importance of patience and communication, especially with communities who use alternate ways to communicate.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in hosting a screening and a Q&A discussion with the cast and crew, please contact us below.