Mother Road Studios (MRS) is an all-new, all-inclusive public benefit organization.

The Mother Road (Route 66), was a symbol of a changing America. Known as “America’s Highway,” it illustrated the evolution from an unpaved road to a superhighway.  It was an economic and social link from the Midwest, to the West, offering an artery for people to change their lives and create better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Our mission at Mother Road Studios is just that … to transform and enrich lives by creating inclusive opportunities through expressive art, fashion and entertainment.


  • We represent what “Main Street of America” really looks like.  Where people from diverse backgrounds come together to create and collaborate.

  • We embrace and support underrepresented communities, including those with a wide range of different abilities.

  • We value interdependence, which connects us, as opposed to independence, which separates us.

  • We are an emblem of self-discovery.

  • We focus on each other’s gifts, knowing everyone has something of value to bring to the table, regardless of our challenges.

  • Our interconnectedness with each other gives us purpose and meaning in our lives.

  • We implement lasting change for the greater good of humanity.

  • We know how to include, so that everyone belongs. 



  • We infuse creativity in everything we do, recognizing it is a cohesive, magnetic force that brings people from all walks of life together.

  • We utilize expressive art; including fashion, dance, music, film and television as our platforms for change.  

  • We engineer opportunities and provide support for everyone involved, understanding these are key elements to successful inclusion.

  • We promote social innovation in our programs, empowering and engaging all our collaborators.

  • Our all-inclusive, collaborative teams create content that educates and entertains teaching everyone involved (including support staff), valuable skills leading towards gainful employment and meaningful volunteer opportunities in related industries.